New Zealand is a dynamic destination full of fascinating attractions that can win the heart of any traveller! New Zealand Travel Guide brings to you the best of New Zealand, so get ready to explore the attractions starting from mammoth national parks to lively Maori culture, world-class adventure activities and much more. Best Travel Guides are the great source of information on New Zealand travel and tourism.

Whether you are a solo traveller or a group traveller, New Zealand is ideal for both. When we talk about New Zealand, Auckland, its charming city deserves special mention. Auckland Travel Guide highlights many mesmerizing attractions of Auckland that a traveller must visit. Take your pick!

New Zealand is one country where travelling is not just fun but safe and easy. However, a well-planned trip will make things easier and hassle-free. To ensure that you don’t make any mistake as you would be new here, this Travel Guide highlights some New Zealand Travel Tips that you must keep in mind on your New Zealand holidays. Follow them and enjoy a great travel experience.

1. Always carry extra layers with you

“Four seasons in a day”, you might experience this in New Zealand. In this beautiful country, the weather changes so frequently that you might feel as if you are experiencing four seasons in a day. So it is advisable that you always carry an extra layer even when you are going out on a day trip or excursion. You will find many such tips in tour guide of New Zealand.

2. Keep in mind the Traffic Rules

You must know the New Zealand road rules to keep yourself and others safe. In New Zealand, we drive in the left and there are specific rules for intersections, one-way bridges, road signs that you must check out before you drive. Also, double check your GPS directions especially while traveling to secluded places.

3. Protect your skin with sunscreen

Before you step out in New Zealand, make sure you wear sunscreen, especially in summer, as the UV rays are quite intense here. It can damage your skin as just a few minutes of sun exposure can cause nasty sunburn.

4. Tipping is not the norm

Tip only if you want to because tipping is not common in New Zealand. You are not expected to do it. It is completely your personal choice.

5. Choose the transport mode that best suits you

You can easily travel to all almost the places in New Zealand through Intercity buses. A ferry is another mode for few places. Driving is required only when you visit isolated places. While hiring a car, do ask the operator about their policies related to inter-island travels.

6. Acceptable forms of IDs in New Zealand

If you want to buy alcohol, for example, the IDs that would be acceptable are your passport, a New Zealand Driver License and the Hospitality New Zealand 18+ Card.

7. Bargaining is rare

Price negotiation is not common in New Zealand. Here the prices for things are fixed and shopkeepers or retailers won’t entertain bargaining.

8. Plan your budget accordingly

In New Zealand, things like food and drink are quite expensive and hence plan your budget well in advance. You will find kitchen facilities in hostels where you can cook and can save on food. Check out Zomato to find out how much you might need to spend in a restaurant.

9. Road restrictions for Cyclists

For safety as well as a legal rule, cyclists are not allowed to bike on the busy roads. Also, it is a rule for a cyclist to wear a helmet.

10. Plan a trip according to the seasons

Winter is perfect for enjoying great skiing destinations and glaciers, summer is the best time to explore the greenery and coastlines and Fall brings with it colourful foliage and temperate weather. Refer New Zealand Travel Guide to know about the best time to visit.

While planning a New Zealand Tour, take help from the Best Travel Guides to ensure you don’t miss out on the important information. Travel Guide or Tour Guide gives reliable, updated and necessary information including great tips on New Zealand Travel to make things easy for travellers! So refer to the New Zealand Travel Guide and plan your trip today!

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