How to drive from Taupo to the Waitomo Caves

As you head out from Taupo on a cross-country route to Waitomo you will pass Huka Falls, the most visited natural attraction in New Zealand, a world acclaimed golf course, Wairakei Geothermal Power Station and Lake Whakamaru, where trout fanciers can try their luck.

Taupo to the Waitomo Caves
 163 km (102 miles)
Approximately 2 hours
Road Conditions: State Highway 1 – Arterial Road 30

The resort town of Taupo sits on the edge of New Zealand’s largest lake, which is well stocked with sizeable trout. Lake Taupo with its crystal clear blue water brings visitors to its shores for the adventurer looking for a thrilling quest.

If you’re looking for quiet time try there are relaxing thermal pools and spas, quiet meandering walking trails, trout fishing, golfing, boutique shopping, cafes and award winning restaurants. Lake Taupo is a water lover’s paradise.

The cross-country route to Waitomo Caves takes you past Huka Falls, a world-acclaimed golf course and the Wairakei Geothermal Power Station. After the hydropower station at Atiamuri, you’ll turn west and journey through a mixture of farmland, lake land and forest.

Trout fanciers can try their luck at Lake Whakamaru. The beautiful Pureora Forest Park, which is home to several rare bird species, has a number of well-marked walking tracks.

The Waitomo Caves district is famous for its subterranean splendour. Beneath the surface of this limestone, the region is a series of vast cave systems decorated with stalactites, stalagmites and glow-worms. Some caves open to the public, and are easy to walk through, others require specialised caving equipment.