FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

To help you with your Travel Guide experience we have put together a group of questions and answers about Travel Guide. We recommend travellers and tourism business operators spend a few minutes reading through the following FAQs.

Please let us know if we have missed a question that you need answered.

Website Concept

What is Travel Guide?
Travel Guide is a boutique, Kiwi owned, New Zealand Tourism website connecting local and international travellers , and New Zealand business operators together.

How does Travel Guide work?
The Travel Guide website allows registered users to add, rate and review their favourite business and places.

What will Travel Guide offer travellers?
Travel Guide offers local and international travellers thousands of New Zealand tourism business and operators with contact details and unbiased independent ratings and reviews by fellow travellers. Having this information will prepare you when planning your best ever New Zealand travel experience.

Who can add business and places on Travel Guide?
Registered users, tourism operators and the Travel Guide team can add tourism business or favourite places like beaches and lakes. Registered users and tourism operators can upload and share their regional photos.

Who owns and manages Travel Guide?
Travel Guide Limited owns and manages Travel Guide.

How can I contact Travel Guide?
Contact Us: Have any questions? Need some more information? Please contact us if there’s anything you’d like to know.


Why do I have to give Travel Guide my email address?
We need your email address during signup so we can send you a verification/activation link.

Will my email address be publicly displayed on Travel Guide?
No. We will never show your email address on the website apart from in your password protected profile which only you may access.

Can I change my username?
No. Once you have decided on a username it becomes permanent. It may pay to take a moment before choosing one.

Can I have multiple accounts?
No. Having more than one account would be perceived as deception and distorts the value of Travel Guide. While we cannot stop users from setting up more than one account, we do have systems in place to check and we will find out.

Rating and Reviewing

Who can rate and review on Travel Guide?
Register users who would like to share their experience with fellow users; good or bad. All ratings and reviews are moderated and abusive reviews will not be tolerated.

Can owners rate and review their own business?
Yes, they can but this is not recommended. Rating and reviewing your own business, or a fellow competitor, would be perceived as deception.

Reviewers have to experience the accommodation/activity/attraction/eatery/place or used the service in question before rating and reviewing.

Can owners contact past and future customers and ask them to rate their operation?
Yes, Travel Guide encourages business operators to contact past and future customers (email is best with a link to your Travel Guide listing page) and asking them to rate and review your operation. This will essentially help your ranking position within Travel Guide and search engines.

Tourism Operators

What will Travel Guide offer the tourism operator?
Travel Guide lets New Zealand tourism business and operations to list their company for free.

Can owners and managers edit or change their Travel Guide listings?
Yes, owners or managers can claim their free listing and manage their contact details and reviews. You must register first, then open your listing page and click on the blue ‘Do you manage this business? Claim ownership & edit your listing’ button.

Can owners enhance their listings?

Yes, with different packages available, owners can enhance their listing with a company profile, icons and photos. Owners can also view stats for their company page listing.

Are there any other benefits included in the subscription fee?
Yes, Travel Guide can create and manage your company page for you. We can build your company profile with key word phrases and links; this will help your business, and Travel Guide, ranking in search engines.

Register now, and add or claim your company listing on Travel Guide.


How does Travel Guide pay for itself?
A large portion of the funding will come from paid advertising plus a yearly subscription fee from New Zealand tourism business operators that choose to enhance their listings.

Is it free for travellers?
Yes! Registration is free and only takes a minute.

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