Franklin boasts beautiful coastlines with the black sand beach of Karioitahi, to the laid back area of Port Waikato and the Awhitu Peninsula. Franklin holds itself as being mainly rural yet is an area with an active yet lively main street offering both retail shopping, cafes and restaurants. Pukekohe’s recreation centre has an indoor heated swimming pool for the cooler months and outdoor pools to enjoy around the area in the warm summer months. Motor sports, bike riding, motocross and horse racing are favourite past times.

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Glenbrook Vintage Railway Station will take you on a journey where you will be transported back to the time of the steam train engine. The steam train has been lovingly restored with its immaculate wood paneled carriages and serviced by the welcoming guard suited in his time era uniform. The experience will thrill every passenger, from first timers to rail enthusiasts.

Pokeno infamous for giving relief to visitors and locals with their ‘very’ generous scoops of over 40 different flavours of ice-cream has a very friendly country village feel. Pokeno’s future is being written with new developments happening within the rural lifestyle of many locals. With Queen’s Redoubt becoming a feature of this due to the location of the major colonial military headquarters used during the New Zealand Wars. This Southern fortification was there to transport soldiers for the Invasion of the Waikato in the 19th century. It is also here that the Pokeno Wheels and Heels Cycling Challenge, the 68km Pro Challenge, and the 32km Recreational Challenge are firm cycling event challenges for novices and leading national cyclists and teams.

Pukekohe holds a country charm to it along with being the largest town in the Franklin District. Pukekohe’s main street, with its lack of parking meters, allows visitors to stay awhile and enjoy strolling through over two hundred businesses; from boutique style shopping to big box retail within the center. Award winning cafes and restaurants can be found in the center offering worldwide delicacies or our own local fare.

With its ever changing landscape, Port Waikato attracts holidaymakers, surfers, fishermen and those who wish to escape from their busy lifestyles. The beach is popular with its fine black sand and the breath-taking sunsets that paint across the sky; hence why the beach is named Sunset Beach. In an easterly the Tasman Sea offers up a large swell, with its long left-hand bar break, surfers can take advantage of the conditions to their delight. The local Maori once fished for kai moana (food gathered from the sea) from the area, fishing enthusiasts can enjoy kahawai, mullet and flounder from the river mouth.

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Travel image of a ship & sea in New Zealland
Travel image of a ship & sea in New Zealland

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